Houston’s Most Unique New Building Becomes a Worldwide Model for Millionaire Palaces

By Oct 15,2018 Uncategorized

                                                                            There is no other building in Houston like it — and it’s quickly becoming a model for the world of international style. With construction just barely underway on the new Giorgetti Houston — the vaunted Italian furniture maker’s first branded building — plans are already in the works for more Giorgetti buildings in some of the most sophisticated cities in the world.

“I do believe it’s going to be the beginning of a series of buildings around the world,” says Jacob Sudhoff, one of the bold collaborators in this new Upper Kirby mid-rise. “I was in New York last week and I was meeting with people about Giorgetti New York, Giorgetti Miami. They’re already looking into Giorgetti London, Paris.

“I like that the very first one was in Houston.”