Near Town


  • EXCITING OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: Near Town residents enjoy direct access to Memorial Park, one of Houston’s largest parks. Memorial Park is home to a wide range of outdoor activity areas and facilities, miles of multi-use trails, and a top-rated golf course.
  • ACTIVE CIVIC CLUB: Rice Military Civic Club provides additional security and organizes community events, among other things. The smaller neighborhoods and subdivisions that make up the Rice Military/Washington Avenue area (between Westcott and Sawyer) also have their own HOAs.
  • PLENTY OF RETAIL AND ENTERTAINMENT:Restaurants, retail stores, lounges, and bars line the area’s main thoroughfares: Washington Avenue and Memorial Drive.

Buying or selling in Rice Military can be a challenge due to new construction (while some builders do have quality track records, others do not), railroad tracks (you don’t want to live too close to one), major thoroughfares (avoid being on or right next to one given the noise and bar parking), and proximity to freeways (which can hurt resale values). For help in navigating this tricky market, contact Paige Martin, one of Houston’s Best Realtors and one of Rice Military’s most active real estate agents.