Your Sneak Peek Inside The Downtown Houston’s Most Unique High-Rise Takes Shape in 46 Stories of Wonder- Milam st

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It is already destined to be one of the most recognizable buildings in downtown Houston. Munoz + Albin’s unique design that tilts the 46-story tower at a diagonal angle on its half city block, making it look something like a sailboat coming at you, ensures that. But The Preston’s insides live up to the bold vision of its architecture, too.

Hines wanted a real showcase tower — and that’s what it is getting.

An exclusive sit down with the principal players in The Preston’s design — architect Jorge Munoz and MaRS founders (and interior wizards) Kelie Mayfield and Erick Ragni — gave PaperCity an unprecedented look inside the new project. We already were first to tell you back on February 4 that the tallest residential building in downtown Houston will be shaped like a ship.

Now, it’s time to reveal the wonders inside this slim tower that stretches far into the sky.

Expect a secret wine room off the parking garage. Ragni calls it a “sort of a cozy club, speakeasy type place.” And it just one of the found spaces that can be discovered in the new tower being built on the site of the old Houston Chronicle parking garage at 800 Texas Avenue.

The Preston will arrive full of surprises when it opens across from Market Square Park late in 2021 (if things go on schedule). This is an apartment building that looks and feels like anything but an apartment building. Calling Hines’ latest an apartment tower is like calling Watchmen just another superhero show.

From Newsprint to RoboCop

The Preston also pays respect to history — its own and Houston’s. The lobby includes a large striking column with words in the stone, excerpts from old Chronicle stories. There is also an eye-catching floating light fixture that displays words, another homage to the site’s newspaper past.

Up on the amenity level, a RoboCop art piece nods at the fact that RoboCop 2 was filmed in downtown Houston, with several scenes shot right around the site of this new tower.

“Erick and I always like to take a sense of storytelling to projects with a few subtle details,” Mayfield tells PaperCity.

MaRS has done high-end hotels like The George in College Station — and this luxury sense comes through in The Preston. The 46th floor (very top) outdoor patio is allowed to breathe. It’s all about being able to sit outside (with an eight foot glass wall providing protection from the wind) with some nice landscaping completing the scene.